In a world where there can be only one side to the story,  Sydney- based artist Brad Teodoruk probes at every angle. Playing with multiple layers of figuration, text, colour and space; he presents images which play on our interpretations and demand our participation as viewers. At a time where bedrocks of our world  are called to question: notions of truth, representation and trust; there can be no set meaning. And so we must make our own.

"Painting, for me, is a way of seeing. It's also a language in which I can connect and communicate with others. Essentially, painting is a visual aesthetic to represent how I feel or what I think or what I want to see. I rely on texture, colour, form and space as a means of communication."

Brad Teodoruk is currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Art at The National Art School. His artwork has recently been selected as a finalist for the 2016 Blacktown City Art Prize and the 2017 Sydney Art Studios Prize. In August 2016, Teodoruk organized and curated a group benefit show for the charity beyondblue in which he raised $4000. The Shop Gallery in Sydney exhibited Teodoruk's first successful solo show 'Pushin Up The Daisies'. Teodoruk has recently been awarded as the recipient for the Winsor & Newton Scholarship Prize 2017.

Brad Teodoruk is represented by The New Standard Gallery

Words by Liam Hart, 2017.